Welcome! :-) this is, what I've got for you :-)

21. srpna v 17:56

My magic friend, hello and welcome!

Thanks for joining me and let’s start our journey and maybe one day we will meet personaly ;-).


So, what I’ve got for you?

I will tell you exactly, what is the situation right now:

In my country I’m teaching thousands of people, how to work,

how to be creative, how to live,

how to make their hobby into their job etc…

(most of my work is published on my czech website www.jakubvosahlo.com)


I’m showing them basic rules, which leads to... Let's call it success :-).

So all these informations of mine I will translate for you in English to make

a world better place filled up with happy workers, happy people :-)


Basicly I'm a magician, an entertainer:-).

But because magic is so beutiful and complex art,

during the years I learned so many different skils.


Life is a complete package of thinking, actions, learning, falling, selling,

making money and loosing them as well...



How to stop other people’s negativity?

Why and how to become your own boss?

How to make, what you love, for money?

Time management and planning know-hows.

How to set-up your prices in any field?

Books to read, to study and to live!

My workouts techniques for businessman (I was 104 Kg!!!)

And more and more…

Sometimes I will just send you something just for fun ;-),

like a magic trick, short video or some news of mine just to keep you in good mood,

because with good mood anything goes easier ;-).


I will just translate and write and sometime make some video in English for you!

When I send you some book of mine or video, it will be always written with my english,

like everything here, and i will pay nobody to translate it for me.

I will do it for you, so please, if you will read my books one day, be tolerant :-D.

Me and my team found out, that it does’nt matter, what you want to do.

Because all systems are adaptable and you can do really anything.

Right now I'm teaching mostly magicians, singers, entertainers, but also chefs, stand-up comedians, coaches, photographers, creative thinkers…PEOPLE! :-)

You name it!!! It doesn't matter! ;-)

I hope, you will try to understand my messages and that one day you can say:,, It was worth it!“

So, soon we will start to work on our lives really hard, ok?

It will be hard, so really decide, if you want.

I will just tell you how, the actions is ALWAYS UP TO YOU! ;-)

See you soon and thank you so much for your time! ;-)

Jakub Vosáhlo :-)

P.S.: I'm always open up to any topic's QandA, because I really do believe, that we should share our World.

So, don't be shy and let me know! ;-)


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